Project Literacy 52 ’12

Objectives: To improve reading speed, to increase personal vocabulary, to practice reviewing books, to improve writing style, to add to my books collection, to encourage diversity in reading, to add to my knowledge bank, and much more….

Goals: Read a book every week. For 52 weeks. Starting 1.1.2012. Write a short review of the book based on your thoughts about it.

Rules: No starting before time, no pushing over one book to the next week, no finishing two books in one week. All books qualify, except e-books. E-books that are also available in print qualify. Books that have been read before are automatically disqualified. It is preferred that you are the owner of the books, but if you cannot afford to buy 52 books, then you should at least buy one or two, and borrow the rest from a library or someone whom you know.

My book list: Purple strikethrough = Finished reading on time, Fuchsia = Reading in progress, Black = Not yet started, F = Fiction, NF = Non-fiction, O = Owned by me, NO = Not owned by me, W# = no. of week it was read in

  1. Ambush Alley, Tim Pritchard – F O
  2. Firestorm, Nevada Barr – F O
  3. Five Greatest Warriors, Matthew Reilly – F O
  4. Getting More, Stuart DiamondNF O W3
  5. Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, Cathy GlassNF O W1
  6. Not Without My Daughter, Betty Mahmoody w William Hoffer – NF O
  7. Polar Quest, Tom Grace – F O
  8. Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe – F NO
  9. Seven Ancient Wonders, Matthew Reilly – F O
  10. Super Nutrients Handbooks, Lyndel Costain – NF NO
  11. The Devil’s Colony, James Rollins – F O
  12. The Emerald Atlas, John StephensF NO W2
  13. The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick – NF NO
  14. The Memory Collector, Meg Gardiner – F O
  15. Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson and David Oliver RelinNF O W4
  16. and more ……

Who else is joining me on this challenge? Please post below so we can keep track of each others’ progress.

11 thoughts on “Project Literacy 52 ’12

  1. I’m joining in! I don’t know how on earth I’ll manage to find so many books, but…. yeah.

    How are you deciding on these books? Have they been the ones you’ve always wanted to read?

    • Hey Maria!

      Glad to hear that you’re also participating in the challenge.

      Not really, because if I had to choose things I always wanted to read I might not find them here in the bookstores. Usually whenever I go to the bookstore we spend about 1 – 2 hours there even if we aren’t buying except something really small, because we like to check out what books they have and put them on a list so that the next when we come we can buy some of them.

      There are 2 books on the list I have put up — Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and Not Without My Daughter, which I chose a couple of months ago when we went to the bookstore, and last week when we went I got them for myself.

      I hope that makes sense. Best of luck with the challenge.


      • Ah, I understand. That’s really sad. I’d go nuts without my books. Luckily I have a FreeBooks app for the iTouch and I use that to read a toooon of classics.

        Thank you, you too!


      • That’s great! I’m so wanting to buy an iPhone, I can’t wait to get a job to start saving.

        You’re welcome.


      • Aw.. thanks. Unfortunately I’m not even accepting help from mum. I want to know how it feels to buy something from hard-earned money. I’ve done it earlier, though not with such an expensive thing.


  2. I understand that! Hope it all works out. I paid for about a third of my laptop with money, but the rest was presents from my grandmother and father.

    It was a total surprise.

  3. I’ve taken you up on this challenge. In my own way, but, at the heart of it all, was your challenge. I wish you the best of luck, and may our paths meet in our literary journeys.

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